Current Donors

Gold ($1 million and above)

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor


Bronze ($250,000 – $499,999)

Anonymous Donor
Binger, Mac and Pat
Maddy Family and Ridgewater Development


Individual Medley ($100,000 – $249,999)

Anonymous Donor
Jarecki Foundation
Lower Flathead Valley Community Foundation
Polson Rotary Foundation


Butterfly ($50,000-$99,999)

Chadwick Foundation
Gary, Nancy
Nutter, Roger and Thelma
Waterman, David and Cynthia


Backstroke ($10,000 – $49,999)

Aker, Chuck and Edwina
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Barnowsky Estate
Beaver, Hu and Patsy
Booker, Bill – In honor of and in memory of
Booker, Suzanne
Buffington, Nate and Christi
Christensen, Lee and Pennie
Cowan, John and Elaine – Trust
Darlington, Dorrene Herreid – Memorial
Fleming, Jerry and Sue
Gran, Jens and Jackie
Greater Polson Community Foundation
Live Locally Fun Run
McCann Foundation, Paul and Anne Marie McCann
Mill Creek Development
Newman, Maggie and Emmett May
Oates, James CPA
Ohriener, Harvey and Robin
Providence St. Joseph Medical Center
Rausch, Daniel and Katrina
Rolfson, Marselius and Verna Charitable Trust
Rosa, Mickey
St. Luke Community Healthcare
Seeley, Matt and Tana
Smith, Roger and Libby
Total Screen Design
Treasure State Concrete
Washington Foundation, Dennis and Phyllis


Breastroke ($5,000 – $9,999)

Anderson Radio
Anonymous Donor
Bone, Ron and Colleen
Burgan, David and Marjorie
Carpenter, Merwin and Esther – Memorial
Detwiler, Kevin and Debbie
Gelber Family Fund
Glacier Bank
Glueckert, John and Nancy
Hanson, Rob and Johanna
Klein, Susan
Lake, David and Lorrie
Lake, Tim, Chanel, Trevor, Christopher, Madison & Ryan
Leas, Ed and Melinda
McClellan, Helen
O’Neill, Matt and Evonne
Polson Running
Polson Triathlon
Polson Super 1 Foods
Red Lion Inn & Suites – Polson
S&K Technologies
Sample Foundation
Schile, Wayne and Maureen
Starkey-Carew, Bill and Co
Stene, Willie and Raina
Taylor, Michael and Janna
Western States Insurance-Rob Turner
Whitefish Credit Union
Wooldridge, Ray and Ann
Young, Mitch and Julie


Freestyle ($1,000 – $4,999)

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anson, Dave and Marsha
Ashcraft, Dorothy
Azzopardi, John
Barber, Dee – Memorial
Barker, Emerald L.
Beatty, Patrick
Beighle, Dick and Bernie
Bird, Clay and Sarah
Bonser, Harry Houston – Memorial
Bontadelli, Anthony and Rebecca
Burgan, Dave and Marge
Burns, Lynda
Campbell, Brian and Tricia
Chesley, Zina Mae – In Memory of
Christopher, Dick and Keenie
Christopher, Kim, Remington and Isaac
Crosby, Doug and Joyce
Country Pasta
Delaney’s Landscape Center
Delaney, Wilhma
DePuy, Jon and Rachel
DeVries, Dennis and Pat
Dibble, John and Jean
Edward Jones Investment
Ekblad, Robert and Phyllis
Exaxis Technologies, LLC
First Citizens Bank
First Interstate Bank
Fisher, Dr. Gordon G. Fisher – In Memory of
Fleming Rentals
Gregg, Bill and Jeannette
Gregory, Dennis and Laurie
Grimes, Roger and Joan
Guthrie, James and Jeanne
Harrop, Cara
Hauer, Richard and Brenda
Heckman, Bill and Carolyn
Heckman, Warren and Carolyn
Hertz, Greg and Kate
Hicks, Nannette – In Memory of
Interlocked Filtration Systems LLC
Jette Family- Janis, Mark and Angela Jette Swanson
Johnson, Kathryn and Rich Beauchamp
Kalispell Electric
Kalispell Regional Medical Center
Kane, Eileen M.
Kinzle, Rob and Pam
Kiser, James and Lorie
Kiwanis Club of Polson
Knapton, Roger and Gail
Kormann, Bob and Trinette
Kreidel, Bette
Kuberka, Joseph and Kathleen
KwaTaqNuk Resort
Lake County Abstract & Title Co.
Lake Health &  Rehab, LLC
Lake, Pat and Shannon
Lanier, Keith
LaRosa, Victor
Leafty, Eugene F.
Liebschutz, Jack and Michele Lansdowne
Lindstrom, Valerie
Lovrien, Tom and Monica
Lyons, Frank and Barbara – In Honor of
Marshall, Tony and Tillie
Maso, Juan and Becca
McClellan, Bob
McCrumb Construction
McDonald, Joe and Sherri
McElwee, Chris, Deanna, Owen and Teague
McKee, James and Spring
Medical Staff of St. Joe’s
Merganthaler, Brande and Heather
Mission Mountain Enterprises, Inc.
Mission Mountain Medicine
Mission Valley Cruisers, Inc.
Mitchell, Jeremy and Sarah
Moore Appraising – Sue Moore and Pete Stabio
Mowbray Family
Noble, Ronn and Linda
Northwest Farm Credit Services
Nunlist Family
Ofstad, Jim and Debbie
O’Halloran, Dermot
Olson, Carole
Parsons, Jon and Margaret
Pawlik, Amil and Karen Huff-Pawlik
Piedalue, Joe and CK
Pierce Chevrolet Dodge
Plaissay, Connie and Diane
Polson Family Dentistry
Polson Family Eyecare
Port Polson Inn
Prescott, CDR L. & Mrs. Y.
Reum, Roxanne Ellenwood-In Memory Of
Roth, Urban and Donna
Russell, Mark and Lori
Ryan, Tom and Miriam
Sautter, Jean
The W.M. Schalk Family
Schwartz, David
Seeley, Mark and Eileen
Showboat Cinema and Entertainer Cinema
Sicz, Wayne and Kim
Silberman, Dick and Sharon
Siler, Ken and Agnes Rinehart
Sitter, Mike and Wendy
Smith, Adam and Tyana
Soroptomist of Polson
Speedwagon Bicycle Repair
State Farm – Jeff Andrews
Stebbins Orthodontics
Stene Aviation
Stokes, Patricia – In Memory Of
Strosahl, Jim and Phyllis
Swanson, Dean and Zina
Taber, George W. Foundation
Teggeman, Gary and Nancy
Thorsrud, Gar and Audrey
Todd, Steve and Jill
Town Pump Charitable Foundation
Thrivent Foundation of Lake County
Turnage, Mercer & Wall, PLLP
Turner, Robert and Erin
Valley Glass
Vergeront, Marc and Becky
Walsh, Dick and Kathy
Waterman, John and Patti
Western Building Center
Williams, Ethan and Eli
Williams, Shelton and Lois
Williams, Theodore
Windauer, Mike and Jodi
Wright, Gail H.
Yedowitz, Jennifer – Memorial


Sidestroke ($250 – $999)

Abell, David and Lois
Alpha Upsilon of Beta
Alfiero, Rob and Nancy Hemphill
Alverson Construction
Anonymous Donation
Anonymous Donation
Anonymous Donation
Anonymous Donation
Ask, Thomas and Margaret
Aware Wellness Center
Bauer, Ken and Julie
Hu Beaver Builder
Beecher, Carolyn
Belen, Ann
Big Sky Dental Clinic
Binger, Ben and Anne
Birnbaum, Dana
Boyle, Gene and Barbara
Brown, Meghan and Ezekiel
Caffrey, K and M
Carte, Judy
Carter, Katie, ND Naturopathic Physician
Cherry Valley Elementary School
Christopher, Julie (Jewel’s Art Burst)
Crecelius, Jean – In Memory of
Country Store
Cub Scouts Pack #4947
Cummings, John and Carol
Davey, Cynthia
Davis, Victor and Mimi
DeGrandpre Family
DelliPriscoli, Mara
Dennis, Brenda
Devlin, Jayne
Donovan, Ian
Dupuis, Gary, Becky, Tyler and Lydia
Eichhorn/Kaplan Family
Enhanced Moments – J. Brackey
Ettien, Rebecca
Farmer, Mike and Kathy
Farrier Fencing, LLC
Fidelity Title Agency of Lake County
First Presbyterian Church
Fulton, Bob and Sharon
Fun & Fancy Free Learning Center
Galewyrick, Ken and Molly
Garnaas, Renee and Mark
Gillespie, Dale
Girl Scouts Troop #3327
Gorsuch, Robert and Doris
Grainey, Brennin and Lisa
Hackethorn, Nancy
Hamm, Ed and Fran
Harlan, John and Sue
Haykel, Abe – In Memory of
Hickey, Rosemary and Cesar Hernandez
Hobbs, Greg and Jennifer
Hu Beaver Construction
James for Justice – James Raymond
Johnson, Kathe
Johnson, Walter and Diane
Jorgensen, Meg
Kelly, Lynn
Kicking Horse Job Corps Center
Knutson, Heather
Kundig, Henry and Vee
Laimbeer, John and Elizabeth
Lake County Pachyderm Club
Leighton, Adrian and Constanza Von derPahlen
Linderman Elementary School
Links Management, Inc.
Lozar, Mike and Hilary
Lund, Ron
Maaliki, Dr. and Mrs. Hikmat
Maurer, Paul and Karen
Mausshardt Family
McCormick, Greg and Sue
McGowan, Peter
Meeks, Elaine
Michalik River, Emily
Milhara, Thomas
Mission Valley Physical Therapy
Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic
Moll, Brodie, Robin and Morgan
Morigeau, Gary and Sue
Mowbray Property Management
Mueller, Freddie and Bonnie
NAPA – Ronan
Olsson, Mildred – In Memory Of
Peterson Family Trust
Pistols and Ponytails 4H Club
Pitts, Garry and Christine
Preston, Jay and Cynthia
Preston, Jay and Elizabeth
Raunig, Jerry and Helen
River, Bryan and Marie
Roberts, Mike and Julia
Rowland, Shawn and Alison
Rowold, Paul and Donna
Ruhman, Andrea
Ryan, Daniel and Karen
Schulte, John and Patti
Sheesley, David and Kim
Sherick, Steve and Lynn
Sherman, Michael and Susan
Siemers, Dr. Gayle and Helen
Simpson, Jim and Joanne
Smith, Ric and Sarah Beck
Stokes, Charlotte L. Trust
Stokes, Patricia
Swayne, David and Jane
Tiernan, Rob and Carol
Toppen, Chris and Sue
Velk, Mary C.
Wall, Chuck and Natalie
Weis, Stewart
Wenner, Julie
West Shore Cabinets
Wholehearted LLC/Cynthia Elliott
Willis, Cindy


Treading Water ($50 – $249)

93 Auto Care
A&W Restaurant
Access Montana
Acevedo, Thomas and Elizabeth
Acher, Amy
Aker, Edwina – In Honor Of
Albrecht, Susanne – Memorial
Allen, Don and Judy
ALPS Foundation
Amass, Lorie
Ammons Family
Annie’s Organics
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Avison, Aimee
Barfoot, Craig, Patricia and Nina
Barker, Emerald – In Memory of
Beauchamp, Michael
Beck, Dr. and Mrs. William W., Jr.
Bergh and DeVries CPA’s PLLP
Betty’s Diner and Stageline Pizza
Big Sky Healthy Vending
Bishop, Matt
Bishop, Royalee
Bookwalter, Jeffrey and Maureen
Bordeaux, Roger
Brackey, Troy and Jolene
Brewer, Art
Briggs, Jack and Allowee
Bronsdon, Betty – In Memory of
Bronsdon Family – Bruce, Cathy, Ali, Scott and Todd
Brown, Geoffrey
Brown, Cody and Rebecca
Burke, Shannon
Carew, William and Ruth
CAR Services, LLC
Carte, Jordan
Casey, Brandy
Charrance, Penny
Cherries BBQ Pit
China Gate Restaurant
Clendenin, Beverly – Memorial
Collinge, Gary and Melinda
Community Bank
Cook, Betty – Memorial
Corbett, John and Therese
Cox, Thomas and Caryl
Crossett, Todd and Deborah
DeBorde, Don and Irene
Dehne, Earl
Devlin Family
Doyle, Dan, Theresa and Nate
Dumke, Chuck and Shannon O’Brien
Dunshee, Rick and Cindy
Eagle Bank
East Shore Smokehouse Restaurant
Eddy, Bonnie
Erb, Richard and Joanna Shelton Erb
Erickson, Todd and Susan
Fiesta En Jalisco Restaurant
Finley Point Grill
Finley Pt. Orchard Mgmt., Inc.
First Interstate Foundation
Fisher, Tamara
Fleischer, Lisa MD
Foster, Bill and Birdie
Fouty, Walter and Joan
Fraser Consulting Inc.
Franz, Janet
Freeland, Guy
Fugleberg, Paul
Gage Accounting
Galewyrick, Ken and Molly
Gallagher, Gary and Vicki
Gannon, Ed and Diane
Gardner, Greg and Lynn
Gelber, Mathew
Gilman Appraisals, Jennifer Gilman
Gluten Free Mama
Godan, Rolanda
Grimes, Roger and Joan
Gunlock, Daren and Debbie
Hankins, Rob and Amie
Hansen, Adell
Harbor Light Furniture
Hartpence, John
Health Care Plus
Hertz, Adam
Hertz, Kristin
Hertz, Mathew
Hertz, Virginia
Howlett Family
Hudowalski, Greg and Cathy
Hughes, Harold and Patricia
Jaeger, Bo and Tara
Johnson, Brian
Johnson, Bryce – In Memory of
Johnson, Kathryn and Rich Beauchamp – In honor of
Jones, Frances E.
Kane, Eileen Montana
KC and the Valley Cats
Kiser, Scott and Bonnie
Koopmans Family
Kotyk, Donna
Kuechle, Janelle
Leafty, Anna Maria
Loebbecke, James and Joan
Loeser, Aggi
Loveless Family Trust
Lowell, John and JoAnne
Lumprey, Hannah
Marchello, Lou and Irene
Marsh, Troy
Masumola Club House
Mattson, Peggy
Mayfield, Tad and Sheila
McClure, Craig and Dayna
McClure, Tim – Memorial
McConnell, Amy
McDaniel, Sharon
McElwee, Hugh and Trudy
McKee, Mike and Jeanette
Miller, Keith and Chantel
Mills, Chip and Marilyn
Mission Lodge No. 86 IOOF
Mission Mountain Concierge
Moberly, Mary and Al Hofmeister
Moderie, Link and Ann
Montana ACE Hardware
Morgret, Jeremy and Roxanne
Murdoch’s of Polson
Murphy, David and Sharon
Murphy, Ken and Kristen
Myhre, Caroline
Nadone, John and Lori
Nelson, Mark and Robin
Nelson-Hom, Gail
Nocerini, Gwen
Nordberg Construction, Inc.
O’Brien Family
Olson, William and Margaret
Pardini, Carolyn
Peregoy, John
Peterson, Lorin and Lori
Polson Middle School – 5th Grade
Polson Physical Therapy
Potter, Mark and Robin Steinkraus
Procopio, Sharon
Rathe’s Color by Design
Reher, David and Marcy
Reynolds, Sam and Bev
Righetti, Dr. Michael
Roberson, Jayne
Roberts, Dan and Linda
Rodrique, Michael and Patricia
Rolfson, Donna Jean – Trust
Ronan Harvest Foods
Ross, Ryan
Rowold, Donna – In Honor of
Roys, Helen – Memorial
Sale, Mary
Satic Technology
Schacher, Ruthann
Schreiber Family
Scott, Ethan and Krista
Seeley, Lane and Andrea
Schallock, Beverly
Schnase, Lee and Carlee
Shaner, Glenn and Laurie Berg-Shaner
Shipley, Wade and Jennifer
Shoquist, Mike and Marylou
Shryock, Dee
Sievert, David
Sloan, Judy
Solum, Janice
Smith, Donna
Smith, Terry
Smyers, Jerry and Teresa
Sportspage Bowl and Grill
Steffes, David and Arlinda
Stella’s Bakery and Deli
State Farm Insurance
Stobie, John and Cherie
Stromnes, John and Jean
Struckman, Todd and Susanna Grant
Stuber, Randall and Susan
Sturm, Heidi
Subway of Polson
Summit Beverage
Suneson, Al and Mary
Suter, Martha
Swan, Mac
Swanberg, Carey
Swaney, Bill
Swank Enterprises
Swanson, Norman
Taco Bell – Polson
Teggeman, Gary and Nancy
Tibbles Trust
Todd Environmental Consulting
Treasure State Mercantile
Trevor’s Financial Services
Trosper, Bradley and Marilyn
Tuxbury, Dan and Jo
UPS Store
Valley Glass, Inc.
Vance, Margaret
Wagner, Becky
Walker, Wanda
Waters, Robert and Carol
Werner, J. Kirwin and Carol
West, Billie Fleming – In Memory of
Whitson, Charles and Maxine
Wild Horse Trading
Williams, William and Maria McNeil
Wilson, Gordon and Lavon
Wilson, James and Frances
Wilson, Robert and Betty
Winter-Sydnor, Margaret
Wiseley, Dale
Wisseman, Arlen and Miriam
Woodcock, Walter – In Memory of
Yeater, Reed and Candy
Young, Antionette
Young, Cindy
Zderic, Ted
Zimmerman, Gordon and Abbey

Please notify us if the above listing is not how you prefer to be listed.



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