Fundraising Campaign

Strategic Planning, Community Development, & Expert Engineering

Mission Valley Aquatics was formed to develop community support within county and tribal governments, schools, health care programs, and community organizations for an indoor aquatic center. For over five years now we have been in an open dialogue with community leaders, and we can proudly say the initial stages of the campaign have been an overwhelming success. Public support for the Aquatic Center has never been stronger.

A commissioned 2004 feasibility study provided ample statistical evidence that an Aquatic Center would not only be welcomed by the community, but would be sustainable. On the strength of that study, in 2005, Mission Valley Aquatics was given a 2.5-acre parcel of land ideally located as a building site.

A 2007 business plan estimated costs for not only the facility, but operational costs once the aquatic center is built. In January of 2008, a ballot measure for a new Recreation District passed, ensuring mil-levy funding for maintenance and operations of the facility. Mission Valley Aquatics can now focus on raising the remaining funds for construction of the facility.



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