Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the entire organization and all phases of the project from fundraising to the completion of the aquatic center. They are responsible for creating and adhering to policies and procedures for all other MVA committees.

Committee Members: Hu Beaver – MVA Board President; David Waterman – MVA Vice-President; Tana Seeley – Project Director


Building Committee

The Building Committee consists of MVA Board Members and community members who have a background in construction or aquatic design. The Building Committee is responsible for researching current aquatic designs and determining what is needed in this community. They are also responsible for the budget and working with the architect, builder and pool designer.

Committee Members: Hu Beaver – Chair, Lee Christianson, Eric Donovan, Becky Dupuis, Connie Plaissay, Tana Seeley, Steve Todd, David Waterman and Kerry Wiedrich


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of MVA board members and community members who have a background in financial affairs. The Finance Committee is responsible for budget development, reviewing monthly financial statements and providing monthly reports for the MVA Board of Directors to review and approve.

Committee Members: Marc Vergeront – Chair, David Waterman, Tana Seeley and Bill Starkey



Mission Valley Aquatic Center
P.O. Box 774
Polson, Montana 59860

(406) 883-4567