One Vision

We have a vision. We see every child in the Mission Valley having the chance to learn how to swim. We see every family enjoying the opportunity to grow strong together in spirit, mind, and body. We see a healthy community with an improved quality of life. In future years, we will all be able to look back and know that our contributions and devotion to this project made a difference in what matters most: the health of our entire community and the safety of our children.

A Community in Need

Each year, as many as 10 Montana children ages 1-18 will die by drowning. Most drowning fatalities in Montana occur in lakes, rivers, irrigation ditches, and ponds. According to national studies, for each child who drowns, five others have a non-fatal drowning experience, and children who live in rural areas are at a higher risk.

Without adequate training or supervision, our children are at risk. There are innumerable waterways, lakes and ponds within the Mission Valley Aquatic Center service area. To ensure our children will be safe, we must give them the training and confidence they need in the water.

The Mission Valley Aquatic Center opened in May 2013 after Mission Valley Aquatics raised a total of $7.4 million to cover the cost of construction. Funds, are still being collected however, as about $800,000 in community loans must be repaid by 2020.

MVA hosts a wide range of aquatic programming, and many programs are catered to benefit the specific needs of its citizens. Explore the “Programs” tab for more information.



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