Swim Around Flathead Lake In 80 Days!

Marine TrailDo you like to swim? Take part in the “Around the Lake in 80 Days” challenge to see if you can swim the distance around Flathead Lake!

From Monday, March 31 through Friday, June 20, Mission Valley Aquatics is issuing a challenge to all its dedicated lap swimmers. Swim 80 miles in 80 days and you’ve (virtually) circumnavigated the lake via the Flathead Lake Marine Trail (see map).

To get started, simply ask MVA staff for a “Post-It Note” and write your name on the colored arrow. After each workout, calculate your yardage and move your arrow to the corresponding location to track your cumulative distance in miles.

If 80 miles in 80 days sounds too daunting, find a buddy or two, think up a creative team name, write that on your Post-It note arrow and track your progress as a relay. To keep the intent of the challenge, relay teams should have no more than three swimmers.

Progress will be posted periodically and a final ranking report will be published in June. The map will be up all summer, so if you don’t make in in 80 days, don’t worry. Take your time and circumnavigate Flathead Lake.

START         END          DIST.       CUMULATIVE

Polson Finley Point 5.5 mi.
Finley Point Bird Island 3 mi. 8.5 mi.
Bird Island Yellow Bay 6 mi. 14.5 mi.
Yellow Bay Woods Bay 10 mi. 24.5 mi.
Woods Bay Big Fork 4 mi. 28.5 mi.
Big Fork Somers 8 mi. 36.5 mi.
Somers Lakeside 4.5 mi. 41 mi.
Lakeside West Shore 6 mi. 47 mi.
West Shore Cedar Island 4.5 mi. 51.5 mi.
Cedar Island Big Arm 9 mi. 60.5 mi.
Big Arm Bird Island 11 mi. 71.5 mi.
Bird Island Finley Point 3 mi. 74.5 mi.
Finley Point Polson 5.5 mi. 80 MILES


One Pool Length 25 yards
Four Pool Lengths 100 yards
20 Pool Lengths 500 yards
70.4 Pool Lengths 1,760 yards (mi.)
1/4-Mile 440 yards
1/2-Mile 880 yards
3/4-Mile 1320 yards
1-Mile 1,760 yards
2-Miles 3,530 yards
5-Miles 8,800 yards
10-Miles 17,600 yards
20-Miles 35,200 yards
40-Miles 70,400 yards
80-Miles 140,800 yards


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