Not just soup bowls — Serving dishes too

Saturday’s fundraiser isn’t just an auction or just a soup dinner — it’s a showcase of the Mission Valley’s artistic talent and community spirit! Check out these incredible platters, painted by local artists for Mission Valley Aquatics.

Also, help us spread the word to your friends and family about this great fundraising effort. We will have even more amazing pieces of art on display, as well as tons of auction items — both useful and unique!

To see a complete list of auction items, follow this link to the EVENT PAGE

AND REMEMBER: You can preregister for your bidder number online! Follow this link to the NEWS POST for instructions. Every person who comes through the door on Nov. 10 and wants to buy a bowl or bid on auction items will need to register for a bidder number. In an effort to keep registration lines down, we’d like to preregister as many people as possible before the event.

As always, for questions or more information, please call (406) 883-4567 or email

See you Saturday at the aquatic center!

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