Appealing city planning board decision

A recent meeting with the City Planning Board brought good new and bad news to MVA. The good news is that the City Planning Board just approved the Special Use Permit. The bids have been processed for the site work and dirt will start moving soon.

The unfortunate issue is that the City Planning Board is having MVA build a 26 ft easement road (1450 feet long) with curbs and gutters. MVA asked to just build an 18 ft road and ditches with plans for the developer to enhance this road as the subdivision grows. This 26 ft road will add considerable cost to the site development -approximately $225,000 more. MVA is working hard to raise the $600,000 needed to complete the first phase of the aquatic center and this additional road cost is significant. With this additional cost we are at risk of compromising the features of the aquatic center.

As a donor and a community member we will need your support as we proceed with appealing this decision. I will let you know when the next meeting with the City will be.

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